1911 Ramp Style Comparison

We wanted to post a graphic with the different style 1911 ramps. If you need help in identifying which you have see the picture with all three styles. These are .355 caliber and may look slightly different than your exact barrel if it’s a different caliber but the ramp styles stay the same through all calibers. Note the Clark/Para has a rounded surface under the ramp. The Wilson/Nowlin has a flat surface under the ramp. The Unramped barrels obviously don’t have a ramp and have substantially less material under the chamber. We only make 10mm and .40SW barrels in ramped barrels.

Compensator Instruction Video

Hey KKM fans,

We made a video showing the instructions for installing one of our compensators on our barrel. Give it a look if you need some help!

August Update

Hello KKM Fans!

Things are still busy here but the wait times have been dramatically decreased. Most orders are shipping within two weeks of ordering. Glock 17, 19, 26, and 34’s are still taking longer but we hope to have items in stock and ready to ship later this year.

A few updates:

-We still have stickers that are shipping with each order placed on the website.

-Large stickers are available for purchase on the website.

-One off barrels are still available if you need something quick and we have something to fit your needs.

-We are loving all the support and pictures coming from social media. Keep them coming!

-Sig barrels are being worked on. We are updating a machine which delayed the project but we still hope to have Sig barrels on the market before the end of the year.

-We are working on updating our FAQ’s section to provide more answers to your questions.

-A new website is in development currently. It’ll be just as easy to use and hopefully spruce things up!


Thank you all for the support you give us.

-The KKM Team

Glock Compensator Information

So you’ve finally got your KKM Precision Glock barrel and comp comb, now what? Well for starters run good, high quality ammo through it. Lower quality ammo is also less powerful. This can cause issues with function as there is not enough energy to cycle the action and thus malfunctions happen. This problem is exacerbated the longer and heavier the setup is. For example: A stock Glock 26 with compensator will most likely function with any ammo. A stock Glock 34 with compensator might malfunction often with less powerful ammo. There are two options to fix this problem and one solution is a much better choice: shoot better ammo! We understand that this isn’t always possible when budgets and dreams don’t coincide. The second option to fix the cycling issue is to lower your recoil spring weight. Glock sends a 17 lb spring in it’s current guns. Spring weights are available from 10 to 20 lbs. Lowering your spring weight will increase reliability with lower power ammunition but it will also increase felt recoil because there is less resistance on the slide while it moves rearward.

This is a determination that you have to make and we can’t tell you which is best in your situation.

Thread Pitch Information

We get a lot of questions about thread pitches and what we use on particular barrels. Glock barrels are available in two types of threads: Suppressor Threads and Compensator Threads. These differ in a few ways. Our suppressor threaded barrels are available in common suppressor adapter pitches like:

1/2×28 for 9mm and .357 Sig

9/16×24 for 10mm and .40S&W

.578×28 for .45ACP

These barrels also have a longer distance between the end of the slide and the start of the threads. This accounts for guide rod interference when using certain suppressors.

Our compensator barrels are threaded:

9/16×32 for 9mm and .40S&W

5/8×32 for 10mm and .45ACP

Using this thread pitch allows us to get the compensator as close as possible to the slide. This wouldn’t work for a suppressor as the guide rod would hit the suppressor. As you can see, these are not interchangeable.

Our M&P barrels are available in the above mentioned suppressor threads as well as Carver comp threads if you plan on using a Carver Custom compensator.

1/2×28 for 9mm and .357 Sig Carver Comp Threads

9/16×24 for .40S&W Carver Comp Threads