Gen 5 Barrel Clarification

Hey KKM fans! Just wanted to clear up a few things about our Gen 5 barrels. We have them listed under a separate category for ease of purchasing. The Gen 5 G19 barrels are the same as previous generation G19 barrels and can be used between all Gen’s. The Gen 5 G17, however, is different. It is essentially a long G19 barrel so if you had special ordered a longer G19 in the past it will work in a Gen 5 G17 as long as it’s longer than 4.50”. Many of you are asking about a Gen 5 G19 barrel with comp and that is currently in the works. We are redesigning the comp for the Gen 5’s so that it’ll match the front bevel on those guns. If you can’t wait you can order a regular G19 comped barrel and it will work in the Gen 5 but the comp will NOT match the bevel on the nose of the slide.


We got stickers everybody! We’ll include one with each order until we run out. Get em while they’re hot!

June Update

Things are still crazy busy here at KKM but we are catching up and lead times will be decreasing soon. Please check our current lead times page to stay updated. We are also working on updating our pictures to give you a better idea of what your barrel will look like when you get it. This is a slow and time consuming process that we’ll be working on through the better part of summer.

Sig barrels still don’t have an ETA. To be honest we’ve been dedicating so much time to catching up on current orders that we haven’t had time to work on adding the Sig line. Keep checking back here for updates on when we expect to have those for sale.

We still want to hear which barrels you’d like to see us make. The best way to do so is by voting in our online poll which is located in the menu bar next to the contact button.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Barrels

Our engineers got their hands on an M&P full size today and we discovered that the original M&P barrels DO work! So feel free to upgrade your 2.0 with one of our Match barrels today!