May Update

Things are busier than ever here at KKM. We are doing everything we can to get our orders filled and shipped to you. We are frequently asked if we can make a (insert gun model here) barrel. The short answer is, probably not. If it’s not listed on our website or a derivative of something we make already we most likely can’t do it. You are more than welcome to ask but we prefer you send us an email asking about a particular barrel. We did want to inform you what we have coming up next. Sig Sauer P320 barrels are the next new product that will be coming out. We are hoping to have those in full production by fall. We will offer multiple sizes as well as threaded and non threaded versions. Keep checking the blog for more updates on when these might be released. Also if you want us to make a particular barrel vote in our poll which you can reach from the top menu bar.

KKM Update April 2017

Hello KKM fans!

Things are busy and hectic over here at KKM. Our unprecedented order volume is a good problem to have but lead times have extended dramatically. We ask that you be patient with us as we work to fill your orders and get you shooting. Glock 19’s with compensators (Roland Special) are the most ordered thing right now and thus have the longest lead times currently. Many people are interested in our Black Nitride finish option but wonder why it takes so long. That coating is one of the very few things we don’t do on site and thus we have very little control over how quickly it gets done. We are increasing volume and production to try and catch up with your orders as soon as possible. We take a lot of pride in the craftsmanship of our barrels and because of that they take a little more time to produce than some other methods of production. Again we ask for your patience and apologize for the wait times. Thank you for choosing KKM, we look forward to seeing pictures of your targets with very small groups!!

-KKM Team