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History of Precision

KKM Precision was founded in the early 1990′s with the intent of developing highly accurate pistol barrels for competition use. With our unique Button Rifling process and high attention to detail, our barrels became highly sought after world wide.

KKM has always worked to not only provide the very best products at a reasonable price, but to try and stay ahead of the curve in technological innovations.

Process of Precision

At KKM Precision we use state of the art robotics and advanced multi-axis CNC machines to produce the most accurate pistol barrels available. We have taken pistol barrel manufacturing to a whole new level of precision with purpose built robotic systems.

100% Made
in the USA

All of our products are 100% made in the USA and produce all of our own products in our 20,000 sq-ft facility in Carson.

True Match Grade Quality

Every barrel we produce will be true match grade quality backed by over 20 years of pistol barrel craftsmanship.

Pinnacle of Accuracy

Whether you intend to shoot Steel Challenge or the NRA National Matches we’ve got the right barrel for the job.