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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead time information is kept up to date towards the bottom of our home page, in bold. We ask that you do not request status updates unless you are within at least a few days of the full lead time. We will always strive to meet them but lead times are given as approximations only. We are a rather small enterprise and intend to stay that way; quality over quantity. 

Cards are charged within 72 hours of an order being placed. Why? Payment information cannot be held securely for these lengthier lead times.

Should you decide you cannot wait out the lead time after ordering; email us for a cancellation/refund as soon as possible. We do not currently charge a cancellation fee. Email for changes/cancelations: 

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority 3day Mail.  If  necessary, you can email us to request FedEx – or – place this information in the “optional note” section on the Checkout screen before completing your order.  We read every notation.

~As of September 2023, unfortunately, FedEx upped their rates and now charges about $26 for their best rate, so we will require additional payment if you prefer them over USPS. We will look up the cost and call you for payment of the difference when you order is getting ready to ship. 

~UPS and other couriers are not an option.


We typically send an email with tracking information when orders are on their way. If your package shows delivered but you cannot locate it or it has been weeks without the tracking showing as delivered, first ask other people in your household. You would be surprised how many times we have heard that “my wife, son, etc. brought it in but didn’t mention it.” They are also occasionally delivered without a delivery scan. 

There is always risk involved when having orders delivered rather than purchasing at the store. If you cannot find your package, contact your mail carrier and local Post Office first. Sometimes they can recover the package and if they cannot, you will need to file a claim with them. Provide us with their documented claim response and we will determine whether the situation receives a second barrel for just the cost of new shipping. 

We are a small, family owned company. We cannot afford to eat the time & cost of sending new barrels each time someone states they did not receive their item without these extra steps being taken first. It is just as frustrating for us as it is for you. Luckily, it is a rarity in comparison to the amount of orders that ship each week. 

Our standard twist rate is 1:16 for ALL makes and models. It is the only twist rate we offer for Glock and M&P. 

If you are looking for a different barrel model, we have options from 1:10 – 1:34. Just tell us your preferred twist rate in the optional note section of the Checkout screen. There is no extra charge and we read every note prior to production. 

While our button rifling is a far more expensive and time consuming process than broached/cut rifling, the gains in accuracy are far greater with button rifling. Our extensive knowledge of precision long range bench rest shooting has taught us that the bore has to be dimensionally perfect from the chamber to the muzzle to shoot at distances greater than 1000 yards. In a rifle barrel the bullet has time to stabilize in the bore but in a 5inch pistol barrel there is very little time for this to happen. That’s why a pistol barrel bore must be dimensionally perfect both in size, roundness and surface finish from one end to the other. Only button rifling can achieve this level of accuracy. Our National Match barrels routinely shoot sub one-inch groups at 50 yards.

Our drop-in barrels are meant for factory slides and frames and should drop right in without any other alterations required. We do add extra material to obtain a better lockup for increased accuracy so in extremely rare cases light fitting may be required. If you bought the barrel directly from us, reach out to us by email at and we will help find a solution. 

The fitting would likely be to shave the hood width slightly, which can be done by any reputable local gunsmith in minutes. If you do not wish to try a gunsmith and you purchased from a third-party, you will need to figure out a solution with them directly; be it fitting through them or returning the barrel. 

We are not responsible for how third party companies advertise the products they sell. If they do not accept returns, be sure to take that into consideration before choosing to purchase. 

We do not refund or exchange individuals for purchases they made to third party companies.   

*Shipping charges remain the responsibility of the customer. 

The compensator is first threaded onto your barrel.   The barrel’s threads have milled flat spots on each side where the set screws engage, to keep it locked down in place. We provide two set screws and a wrench to screw into each side of the compensator, on these flat spots.  Be sure to pull your slide back and thread it on all the way prior to engaging the screws. If you do not thread the compensator on fully, you can ruin your threads, making it nearly impossible to get the comp off. THIS HAPPENS RATHER OFTEN so be careful and always contact us if you have questions or concerns. If you destroy your threads, you are potentially looking at the cost of a new barrel.

If you decide to use Loctite, go for blue and be sure to keep it off of your barrel threads. 

View the instruction document here: KKM Compensator Installation

If you need additional screws for the compensator, they are 8-32 x 1/4″ cup point in grade 8 steel.  They are common and can be found at most any local hardware store.

The set screws for the compensator are 8-32 x 1/4″ cup point in grade 8 steel.

They are common and can be found at most any local hardware store.

Sure. We keep an inventory of uncut barrels so we can customize the length to a customers needs. There are maximum lengths for each though and nothing is able to be longer than 7.25″.   

In the optional note section of the Checkout screen, just tell us the overall length (OAL) you are looking for. We do not charge extra for a custom length.

Commonly asked about Glock barrels for Gen 1 – 4:

G17, G17L, G19(G45), G21, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35, G41  max length is 6.25″

G23, G26, G27, G29, G30, G30s, G33 max length 4.7″

G20, G40 max length is 7.25″

Commonly asked about GEN 5 max lengths are:

G22, G23, G27 max length is 5.10″

G20, G29 max length is 6.25″


Stainless or Black only

Our standard finish is a Matte Stainless finish on the chamber and a polished stainless finish on the barrel.

The Black ISONITE® QPQ Nitriding is a high-performance variety of salt bath nitrocarburizing process. It is also known as Liquid/Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen-bearing salts generate a controlled release of nitrogen at the interface of a ferrous part. This produces a durable black finish and is common for rifle and pistol barrels. This is a treatment done to the outer most layer of the steel, it is not a coating. 

*We do not offer TiN or DLC  coatings at this time. Please contact us for manufacturers warranty info before getting your barrel coated with a PVD process.

*Cerakote coatings are not recommended as they can change the dimensions of the barrels. Cerakote will void our manufacturer’s warranty.

M&P has a vast amount of names for all their different guns. We get emails consistently asking us to look up a specific gun model and provide the proper barrel option for their gun. We are a very small company that is not equipped to research every individual’s gun, so we advise that you order the option that is the same length as your stock barrel.

We offer four length options at 3.6″, 4″, 4.25″ and 5″. To see options specific to a length, click on Products at the top, center of our website and then enter M&P and your stock barrel length into the provided fields. If you order a threaded barrel, it will be almost 1/2″ longer than the stock non-threaded barrel. 

The majority of our customers choose aftermarket barrels largely to run hotter ammo through their guns.  

Regardless of demand, out of safety consciousness, we have decided not to add the 10mm M&P options to our production list. 

Unfortunately, no. We don’t have the correct tooling or programming to do either of these. Currently, there are no plans to make these in the future.

No:  With the exception of the recently released Gen 5 pistols. 

If you have a Gen 1-4 gun, any barrel not labeled as Gen-5 will work with your pistol. 

At this time, the G17, G19, G20, G22, G23, G26, G27, G34 are able to be produced in Gen 5 specs. 

If they are not listed on the website, we do not have them available to order yet. 

Right now, the G17, G19, G20, G21, G22, G23, G26, G27 and G34 are the models with Gen 5 options. 

Yes. Once the barrel is fit to your slide just send us the barrel and we will finish chamber it for you and send it back.  We can finish chamber all of our gunsmith-fit barrels. The cost is $15 plus shipping charges. Please allow for extended lead times on all finishing work.

We use SAAMI Spec chambers in all of our barrels. Good quality reloads will work fine in our chambers. The reloads must adhere to SAAMI Spec dimensions otherwise, we cannot guarantee fit and function. Ammo outside of these specs will void your warranty. 

If a customer has a special reload that they want the chamber cut to, we have an inventory of chambering reamers for custom jobs. Just send us a few rounds of your reloads and we will custom tailor the chamber to fit.  The cost is $15 plus shipping. Please allow for extended lead times on all custom work. 

Absolutely, yes. All KKM barrels can shoot lead, jacketed or plated bullets. 

No. We do not recommend shooting 45 Super out of any Glock or M&P, regardless of the barrel. The guns themselves are not safe enough, in our opinion, to handle these hotter loads. Using 45 Super with our barrel will void any warranty with us. 

Yes, +p is absolutely safe to shoot; however, +p+ is not and will void the manufacturer warranty. 

We do not offer barrel porting or fluting, nor are we considering it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Manufacturer Warranty becomes null/void if you have your barrel ported or fluted.

No, we are not able to offer left hand/metric threads, nor do we know of any US companies who do. 

No. We make all of our barrels in-house. Our barrels are not rebranded barrels from other manufacturers. 

Every barrel we produce will be true Match grade quality backed by over 27 years of pistol barrel craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. 

Any KKM customer can return or exchange any new or unfired KKM barrel. Be sure to send a brief explanation of why it is being sent and the invoice copy or order number. We will refund the barrel cost once inspected. If you purchased from a third party, you will need to send it back to them for a refund.  If you are exchanging, you will need to pay for the new shipping and expect the full lead time to be possible on your exchange barrel. Lead time info is on our home page. Shipping can be paid by clicking on Products at the top, center of the website and then choose “Shipping” in the search box provided. 

We are unable to tell you how long it will take to receive the funds back onto your card. Refund times are dependent on your individual card company. We can say that we inspect/refund any packages within a few days of receiving them.  

We do not refund or exchange individuals for purchases they made to third party companies. You have the option to order directly from us -or- discuss the purchase with the company you purchased from.  

We are not responsible for how third party companies advertise the products they sell, nor what they ship to their customers. If they do not accept returns, be sure to take that into consideration before choosing to purchase.

*Shipping charges remain the responsibility of the customer. 

For more information please click here.

All products produced by KKM Precision have a full manufacturing warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. If they have been coated or altered, including porting or fluting, after leaving our facility, the warranty is null/void.

We are not responsible for how third party companies advertise the products they sell, nor what they ship to their customers. If they do not accept returns, be sure to take that into consideration before choosing to purchase. 

We do not refund or exchange individuals for purchases they made to third party companies. However, we will try to assist by phone and email if you are having fitment issues. 

*All shipping charges remain the responsibility of the customer. 

For more information please click here.

MIL/LEO Discount Information


We are very grateful for all of our customers and also extend a discount to military and public safety customers, at our discretion. However, we do not offer discounts to military personnel and law enforcement officers through the website, only by phone/email. Online is for retail orders only.  DO NOT ORDER ONLINE AND REQUEST A REFUND AFTER THE FACT.

If you already have something in mind that you want to get on order, let us know in the same email, to save time.  We will respond within a few business days with an invoice for your review/record, effective the date of your order request.  

For LEO: Please email a picture or copy of your credentials to with the following info: –Your name -Phone Number -Email Address -Shipping Address -Billing Address (if different from shipping address)

For MIL: Please email the following information to -Your Name – Your proof of service- Your phone number – Your personal email address – Shipping address – Billing address (if different from shipping address.)  

Follow the link for information on becoming a KKM dealer.

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