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MIL/LEO Discount Information


We are very grateful for all of our customers and also extend a discount to military and public safety customers, at our discretion. However, we do not offer discounts to military personnel and law enforcement officers through the website, only by phone/email. Online is for retail orders only.  DO NOT ORDER ONLINE AND REQUEST A REFUND AFTER THE FACT.

If you already have something in mind that you want to get on order, let us know in the same email, to save time.  We will respond within a few business days with an invoice for your review/record, effective the date of your order request.  

For LEO: Please email a picture or copy of your credentials to [email protected] with the following info: –Your name -Phone Number -Email Address -Shipping Address -Billing Address (if different from shipping address)

For MIL: Please email the following information to [email protected]: -Your Name – Your proof of service- Your phone number – Your personal email address – Shipping address – Billing address (if different from shipping address.)