Current Lead Times

This page is meant to try and keep you, our customers, updated on current lead times of orders and what you can expect if you choose to place an order. These are estimates and we ask that you take all time frames with a grain (or two) of salt. Thank you.

Black Nitride

Black Nitride: 30-60 days unless otherwise noted on specific models


All Glock barrels are subject to a minimum 6-8 week lead time currently.

19 = 6-8 weeks

19 with Compensator = approximately 6-8 weeks

Gen 5 Barrels= 6-8 weeks


M&P barrels usually ship within 6-8 weeks of ordering.


All 1911 barrels are subject to a minimum 8 week lead time currently.


Hi Power -Please Call

Beretta 92 – Please Call

XDm – Please Call

Custom Work

Anything not listed as a SKU on our website is subject to a minimum 2-4 week lead time currently. This includes:

-any custom length

-any special requests