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So you’ve finally got your KKM Precision Glock barrel and comp comb, now what? Well for starters run good, high quality ammo through it. Lower quality ammo is also less powerful. This can cause issues with function as there is not enough energy to cycle the action and thus malfunctions happen. This problem is exacerbated the longer and heavier the setup is. For example: A stock Glock 26 with compensator will most likely function with any ammo. A stock Glock 34 with compensator might malfunction often with less powerful ammo. There are two options to fix this problem and one solution is a much better choice: shoot better ammo! We understand that this isn’t always possible when budgets and dreams don’t coincide. The second option to fix the cycling issue is to lower your recoil spring weight. Glock sends a 17 lb spring in it’s current guns. Spring weights are available from 10 to 20 lbs. Lowering your spring weight will increase reliability with lower power ammunition but it will also increase felt recoil because there is less resistance on the slide while it moves rearward.

This is a determination that you have to make and we can’t tell you which is best in your situation.

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  1. Matt Helm
    Matt Helm says:

    I have 5 of your comp barrels and one regular threaded. I’m a fan. One of my comps is the original steel design that is much shorter than current production.

    1. Yes, your current comp is more effective than the old design.

    2. Yes, you have plenty of demand for what you currently make.

    However, if you were ever to have some extra machine time (or set up a machine specifically for the purpose!)…a run of the old dimension short comps in alloy would sell like hotcakes. I put the case that it could flourish as a production item. It makes a G17 exactly the same length as a regular un-comp’d G34 or a G19 with the current comp. A G19 with an Inforce APL and the shorty Comp would be a fantastic combo. G19s with shorty comp would fit g17 holsters. And so on..

    Since they fit the same barrels, even folks that have the new design would be able to buy a shorty and swap them around.

    I’m just’ve already got a massive comp-aware following. The compact version would appeal to a lot of current comp owners, as well as bring in the portion of folks who just aren’t ready to add the full-size comp to their carry gun.
    Oh, and please use you Instagram page some, there are a ton of KKM posts! 🙂

    Thanks for your time,


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