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We get a lot of questions about thread pitches and what we use on particular barrels. Glock barrels are available in two types of threads: Suppressor Threads and Compensator Threads. These differ in a few ways. Our suppressor threaded barrels are available in common suppressor adapter pitches like:

1/2×28 for 9mm and .357 Sig

9/16×24 for 10mm and .40S&W

.578×28 for .45ACP

These barrels also have a longer distance between the end of the slide and the start of the threads. This accounts for guide rod interference when using certain suppressors.

Our compensator barrels are threaded:

9/16×32 for 9mm and .40S&W

5/8×32 for 10mm and .45ACP

Using this thread pitch allows us to get the compensator as close as possible to the slide. This wouldn’t work for a suppressor as the guide rod would hit the suppressor. As you can see, these are not interchangeable.

Our M&P barrels are available in the above mentioned suppressor threads as well as Carver comp threads if you plan on using a Carver Custom compensator.

1/2×28 for 9mm and .357 Sig Carver Comp Threads

9/16×24 for .40S&W Carver Comp Threads

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  1. Charlie Fosnocht
    Charlie Fosnocht says:

    Can you thread a barrel .575 x 40 to fit a EGW cone style comp? And also do you make Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrels?

    • KKM
      KKM says:

      Yes we can do that thread but would need to have the comp you plan on using her and yes we make Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrels.

  2. Christopher Stackhouse
    Christopher Stackhouse says:

    Was looking all around for a 4 inch threaded barrel for a Taurus PT eight or nine. Taurus does not make one for that version. Was wondering do yall make threaded barrels for that style of gun.

    • KKM
      KKM says:


      Unfortunately we don’t make any barrels for Taurus pistols and our production schedule is full for the foreseeable future.

    • KKM
      KKM says:


      Unfortunately we don’t do any Metric threading here. We can leave one long enough to thread if you have a gunsmith who can thread for you.

  3. top.morrissey
    top.morrissey says:

    Wondering if the compensated barrel (33 Match .357Sig Barrel with 4-Port Compensator) comes with a thread protector or if I need to purchase separately.


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