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1911 Ramp Style Comparison

We wanted to post a graphic with the different style 1911 ramps. If you need help in identifying which you have see the picture with all three styles. These are .355 caliber and may look slightly different than your exact barrel if it’s a different caliber but the ramp styles stay the same through all […]

Gen 5 Barrel Clarification

Hey KKM fans! Just wanted to clear up a few things about our Gen 5 barrels. We have them listed under a separate category for ease of purchasing. The Gen 5 G19 barrels are the same as previous generation G19 barrels and can be used between all Gen’s. The Gen 5 G17, however, is different. […]

August Update

Hello KKM Fans! Things are still busy here but the wait times have been dramatically decreased. Most orders are shipping within two weeks of ordering. Glock 17, 19, 26, and 34’s are still taking longer but we hope to have items in stock and ready to ship later this year. A few updates: -We still […]

June Update

Things are still crazy busy here at KKM but we are catching up and lead times will be decreasing soon. Please check our current lead times page to stay updated. We are also working on updating our pictures to give you a better idea of what your barrel will look like when you get it. […]

May Update

Things are busier than ever here at KKM. We are doing everything we can to get our orders filled and shipped to you. We are frequently asked if we can make a (insert gun model here) barrel. The short answer is, probably not. If it’s not listed on our website or a derivative of something […]

Glock Compensator Information

So you’ve finally got your KKM Precision Glock barrel and comp comb, now what? Well for starters run good, high quality ammo through it. Lower quality ammo is also less powerful. This can cause issues with function as there is not enough energy to cycle the action and thus malfunctions happen. This problem is exacerbated […]

Thread Pitch Information

We get a lot of questions about thread pitches and what we use on particular barrels. Glock barrels are available in two types of threads: Suppressor Threads and Compensator Threads. These differ in a few ways. Our suppressor threaded barrels are available in common suppressor adapter pitches like: 1/2×28 for 9mm and .357 Sig 9/16×24 […]